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Robert Lenney
Founder and Inventor of Gutterglove, IceBreaker, MicroMesh Pro, EasyOn and LeafBlaster micro mesh gutter guards
Cell: (916)778-8777
Office: (916) 624-5000 Ext: 103

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LeafBlaster Performance Video EasyOn Gutterguard & IceMelt Cover – Performance Video Gutterglove Performance Video EasyOn Install Video IceMelt Cover Performance Video


  1. Gutter Cleaning Tips That Can Save Your Life
  2. Gutterglove Brings China Manufacturing Back To California
  3. Gutterglove Recieves 2 More US Patents
  4. Snow Storms And Icicles Are No Match For Heated Gutter Guard
  5. Gutterglove’s CAD Drawings Help Architects
  6. Gutter Cleaning Tips From A Pro
  7. Gutterglove Recieves First Patent
  8. Gutterglove Installs 20,000 Gallon Rain Harvesting System
  9. Gutter Guard TV Show Wins Big at International Film Festival
  10. Solution To California Drought Is In The Clouds
  11. Gutterglove Wins 5 Telley Awards


  1. 1) Highest Rating: Consumer Reports announces Gutterglove Pro with 89 points in September 2010 and May 2011 magazine issues. Highest score of 19 gutter guards tested.
  2. 2) 7 U.S. Patents in gutter protection technology for several of their top branded gutter guards.
  3. 3) 6 Gold Remi Awards: For Gutterglove’s instructional how-to DVD and it’s website.
  4. 4) 5 Telly Awards & 1 Platinum Remi Award: For Gutterglove’s TV infomercial on its gutter guards.
  5. 5) 1 Platinum Remi Award: For Gutterglove’s website design.